Facebook Creativity – Musings Unbounded

3 Jul

Facebook is now the Tribeni Sangam or confluence of a galaxy of creative people. You can give them a local habitation on Facebook. Some of them write profoundly, and make others think still deeper. Some of them mingle philosophy and poetry. EACH POST ofFacebookis not priceless, but still some have in them wonderful creativity. The moment you log on to Facebook, these numberless multitude of poets and writers throng you. They are all independent blog writers. They will make you a Facebook addict. Facebook is for them a platform for exhibiting their creativity. Just imagine a poet whom you have heard of, talking about the new wardrobe she has, off late, purchased. She speaks of a food item which she herself cooked this week for the guests who were present at the book launch. I am not an addict, but I may defend myself by calling myself as one committed to sharing Facebook  creativity. Well, I may mention the name of a vibrant poetic soul Priyanka Dey, a student of  Delhi University of History, who established herself as a prolific writer. I was unaware of the fact that this brilliant girl is at present the managing editor of a literary magazine of India. Everyday she writes one or more poems, and her blog is a virtual stream of poems reflecting her die-hard optimism and hopeless romanticism. Priyanka is witty and her artistically managed blog priyankazneverland.blogspot.in is a wonderland that amazes the readers at the very first glance. Priyanka is an artistic soul and plays with words with ease. She says that words are her first love. She uses language in the most witty way, its greatness consists in her nurturing the language by the ethos of the Indian and as well as global culture. To Priyanka poetry is the best medium through which she can bring in change. She dreams that poetry –writing will one day be a part of the educational curriculum. Presently, she is working on her first full length novel. Only Priyanka can write on her wall: “This morning seems to be a HAHAHAHA morning!” I enjoyed the whole day the ‘Hahahahaha morning’ concept. Sometimes Priyanka goes ironical in her poetic lines : “ He hugs me too tight/And sometimes, I cannot resist./He is a fragment of my dreams/But is stronger than my memories./The night is going away, like the ebbing steam/Let me hold him tight, just one more time/The ghost under the satin sheet/Love me before you elope./My lover of today awaits/And he hates yesterday, he says.”

Who can resist the chance of making friendship with Priyanka after listening to all these lines? So I sent the friendship request to her and she accepted. Today, I am her Ratanda. My god! So aged a person I am. I too felt myself being in my youth. Facebook has rejuvenated me.

On Facebook, I also made friends with Jyotsna Gandhi, the author of ‘You Step One, He Steps Thousands!’ her debut English novel, which is going to be published by the Mahaveera Publications in mid-July this year. Jyotsna Gandhi, who is a Post Graduate in Sociology, believes that writing gives a beautiful language to the feelings and emotions of a person. In her novel she has imagined a beautiful sunrise, where you can wake up with a big smile on your face, forgetting all the tensions and realizing a deep bliss of having the Best Companion with you for whole of your life. It all sounds philosophical which I at this wrong side of fifty am yet to attain. I wait everyday eagerly for her posts on Facebook, because I discover a mystic in them. Presence of God is as real to her as it was to Blake. I teach Blake to my students without ever having seen a mystic in the true sense. Jyotsna is all that. In each of her post she feels the presence of the Almighty whom he addresses as a Friend. “Have you ever felt the presence of someone, who is being more than enough powerful to push you in the most disastrous times of your life? Did you ever know there is someone who can miraculously change your life? Well, there is no other big joy than having a companion who can make all the above questions real for you and guide you about the most complicated reality in this universe; THE LIFE.” This is how Jyotsna moves in the novel. She sounds so sublime and mature.

Life was not so easy and divine till Jyotsna realized the significance of supreme knowledge in her life. Like any other person she too had various questions, lots of complaints, deep pains, thousands of irritations, fear of losing everything. She felt being weak in all the aspects of her life; emotional, mental, physical, moral and social. She was fighting hard, crying for help to come out of the darkness that trapped her life. But one day she changed! Her all questions got solved she felt her life to be entirely transformed. All the decisions seemed right to her now. She feels blessed. I heard of Browning and Hopkins. But in the writings of Jyotsna I feel one real person like those English poets.

It is only Jyotsna Gandhi who can write on Facebook: “When HE showers His Grace in your life….no other Light is needed then!” Sometimes Jyotsna is simply amazing with her words of wisdom : “Life is not that much miserable when you Think Negative…… rather it actually becomes miserable when you Do Not have a True Guide to guide you; how to stop negative thinking!” “You Step One, He Steps Thousands!” is the tale of author’s journey of transformation; from negativity to positivism and off course the journey of Loneliness to Companionship.

It is incredible that the friend-crazy Jyotsna has her handsome hubby who can easily go for starring a Ekta Kapoor serial and her kid who looks like God’s unopened gift. She has all her domestic chores to finish when on the Sundays the maid girl bunks. Still Jyotsna goes on writing her post, responds to her messages. Oneday I had a fight with her. We stopped talking. Then she wrote a short one line mail to me : “Daa how are you, are you very busy all these days?” I could not but talk to her. We chatted whole day on so many things, including her fabulous pictures which she tagged on her wall for comments. She likes being pampered, I was surprised. The philosopher in her is also a poet.

It is here I have made friendship with a great lady Divya Dubey who is the publisher/owner of Gyaana Books, Delhi. This  former student of St Stephen’s College, Delhi; and Oxford Brookes University, Oxford published Turtle Dove: Six Simple Tales short stories. Her other short fiction has appeared in literary journals such as Out–of-Print, Muse India, Kindle Magazine, and Urban Voice 4. She was shortlisted for the British Council Young Creative Entrepreneur Award, Publishing, 2010. I didn’t know that this Facebook friend of mine is so famous a person. Long live Facebook addiction.

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