Facebook Creativity: Lavanya Gupta , Dr.Sujata Mukherjee and Dr.Madhumita Ghosh

3 Jul


Facebook world never makes us unsocial. The idleness we indulge in on Facebook is ideal for creativity. For me, it is a wonderful world of creative friends such as Lavanya Gupta, Dr.Sujata Mukherjee and Dr. Madhumita Ghosh. They are very good poets. Facebook world never makes us unsocial. The idleness we indulge in on Facebook is ideal for creativity. For me, it is a wonderful world of creative friends such as Lavanya Gupta, Dr.Sujata Mukherjee and Dr. Madhumita Ghosh. They are very good poets. THE FIRST time I read some lines from Lavanya Gupta’s poems onFacebook, I was thrilled. They landed me in a realm of sensual frenzy. I could not fully believe that a poetess can be so bold and frank in her carnal images. They just hit you below the belt. ”You make me go damn wet in bed /But deep inside, i feel like a shrub/I want you to KNOW i need you badly /EVEN AFTER YOU FILL MY LEGS WITH YOUR STUFF/I want you to KISS me all night /EVEN IN THE DAYS I FLOW RED /I want you to know i need your chest To duck my face and feel i am alive /Open your eyes dammit /WHY DON’T YOU SEE/our bed is burning /BUT OUR LOVE IS DYING.” The last line of the poem contains the twist. Here, she transcends her carnality. She knows why marriage fails in Indian homes. She knows the end of love is not marriage but love. “AH, listen to me ……/Get up boyyyyy /OUR BED IS BURNINGGGGG /but our love is dying !!”

Lavanya is not my bosom friend, just a Facebook friend. I have her phone number, but I never ring her. I want her to write her poems in silence. Off late she told me that she was busy writing a novel. At a stretch she had been absent from Facebook. I missed her lively lines and limmerics. Many read her poetic lines with a scared and red-faced expressions. Some Facebook poachers got fascinated by her every sizzling lines, but they don’t know that Lavanya understands poetry. She speaks in a nasal American voice and she hates mediocrity. She can write without any hypocrisy of the middle class.

“Naked, I stand/The mirror mocks me all/I SAID – YOU LOVED ME /Mirror said – I WAS JUST YOUR DOLL /Oh god, you played /And I opened my all/Silly, I was Let me laugh it all.” What is great in her poetry is this sudden and ironic distancing. Her frankness is deceptive. The ‘I’ in her poem is not Lavanya, but she makes the readers feel, it is you, he or she or any other person. Lavanya is a totally new voice in the poetic world of Facebook. Very few come in comparison with her. Even in the hot days of summer we can appreciate the few lines that she writes about a wintry night “Wrapped in my arms/breathing in my breath/we got up wet /ah, december it was !!”

It is here on Facebook that I have met Dr. Sujata Mukherjee, the young woman of 50 who can write two books on health care in one week. The recent one is HEART VALO RAKHAR ART (The Art of Keep the Heart Going Well). Dr. Mukherjee is a health care administrator, popular health writer in ABP. She writes health books. She is a Ph.D. in Chemistry. She is the director of a renowned nursing home of Kolkata. But she always has a smiling face, engaged in the promotion and publication of her books – sometimes with Shirshendu Mukherjee or Bratati Bandyopadhyay or with Actor Prasenjit.

One cannot but feel amazed to see a Director of a Nursing Home not making money, but making people aware of their health in the unhealthy ambience of modern times. There are some very commendable aspects of Sujata’s life. Sujata is not my friend, much younger, but I can imagine she is, because she has a poetic mind. She is imaginative without writing any poetic lines. She likes travelling, celebrating birthday, dressing up, and looks cute – yes, even at the age of 50.

Dip Prakashan has published many books of Dr. Mukherjee. Some of them are ‘Dakter ke taka na diye’ (Not Paying Money to Doctor), Med Jharanor Chiching Phank (The Sesame Open of Fat Elimination) Tension ke Chhakka (Overboundary to Tension), Apnar Asukh, Apni Daktar (Your Ailment, You are the Physician) Sab Bhalo, Jar Pet Bhalo (All is well, whose stomach is well). These are serious things about Sujata. But for this younger sister of mine I feel still more deep respect when she tells nostalgically the stories of her parents only to focus the beautiful moments of conjugal life of those two old persons – their quarrels and affection for each other. A good psychological peep into the mind of the aged ones. We smile with tears trickling down our cheeks. Congrats Sujata… keep good going on Facebook.

On Facebook I read Madhumita Ghosh’s poems. She tagged many on my wall. But I never had the time to give my opinion. Not that I did not read, but that she is a learned Professor of English, poet and editor. She studied in Jadavpur University and very good in English language. I always felt a kind of scare in commenting on her poems. But she expected it from me with all her humbleness. That is a great side of her personality. She is interested in posting quotes of the great men and here she reminds me of Professor Prasenjit Chattopadhyay for whose posting of quotes I keep burning midnight oil.

Madhumita is my friend and so no longer call her Dr. Madhumita etc., and I learn so much from her essay “Switzerland of the East,” which is a mingling of fun and scholarship. Madhumita writes beautiful lines, I feel a temptation to quote : “and it rained/embalmed the world sleeps/to a lullaby of a pattering song/past misery forgotten, forgiven the gods,/blessed, in a bliss they lie/embracing dreams/as it rained”. Never read so beautiful lines after the first rains in Kolkata this summer. Sometimes, Madhumita’s humour tickles us: “‎Do not think of ‘love’ as a noun. Think of it as a verb.”

Here she plays with words as she quotes Tagore in conversation with Romain Rolland : “Words are too conscious; lines are not. Ideas have their form and color, which wait for their incarnation in pictorial art. “ Madhumita too very well knows how words are made conscious. Her ideas become pictorial on the facebook when she writes in a poem : “I wanted a few drops of love/the wind came alone/with a stale gift/of a few withered leaves” . Once her computer was not working , mouse gone. Madhumita misses all the friends and wrote funnily : “ I m not a cat, I love the mouse. My mouse is not here’. Hahahahaha..This is Madhumita who beneath her apparel of grave dignity can turn her smile into a big laugh. She makes us smile and laugh in  the same breath. So emotional she is who wanted a few drops of love. But she does not know so many Facebook friends love her so much.



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